Fear Ceirde Araltais Chlann Fhlannabhra

Flannery Clan Heraldic Craftsman

Marlin A. Read

We would like to introduce you to Marlin A. Read (born Marlin Patrick Flannery) of Idaho City. He has been a member of the Flannery Clan since 2000, and he is descended from the Munster Flannerys.

Marlin is a very talented craftsman. In Summer 2004, he handcrafted the two secular coats of arms (1904 & 1991) in tooled leather and carved oak, and donated them to the Flannery Clan for our perpetual use. They are masterpieces, and we are proud to display them whenever the Flannery Clan assembles.

1904 coat of arms (handcrafted in leather and oak) 1991 coat of arms (handcrafted in leather and oak)

Masterpieces handcrafted in leather and oak

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Marlin A. Read (Fear Ceirde Araltais)

The Heraldic Craftsman in action