Y-DNA Project

Theory (intermediate)

Charts have been provided HERE to make it easier to understand the project test results by converting the numerical database into pictorial "family trees". Participants who are unfamiliar with the technical jargon of genetic genealogy will more easily grasp how the tested families fit together on the overall family tree. Participants who have gradually grown accustomed to the technology behind the charts may be interested to delve a little deeper to find out just what the charts mean, so a little technical information is being provided here as a primer to the subject. Click HERE to access a selection of academic papers on the subject.

Technical Information

Our project participants and other interested members frequently ask searching questions about the "blobs and lines" (or "phylogenetic network" as each chart is formally termed) that have been conjured up in our attempts to make sense of the test results and our shared heritage. Here are some of the fundamental questions and answers:-

The following links provide further information to suit all levels. Don't forget to contact the team if you have any queries about any aspect of the project.

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